”We are tired of seeing taylor swift everyday all over the media!!!

But not everyone was swooning over Taylor; several people expressed their disapproval of her behavior on social media, citing it as rudeness when she took their prize.

In essence, they contended that Ms. Swift ought to have done more to express her thanks to Celine Dion, who gave Taylor the award in spite of the fact that she was identified as having “stiff man syndrome,” an irreversible neurological condition. Many observers felt that, in spite of Dion’s challenges on stage, Taylor disregarded her when accepting the award.
For example, one commenter on Fox News’ post on Facebook about Taylor’s Grammys win wrote, “Good for her but she should absolutely be ashamed of herself!! She walked on stage, took the Grammy from Celine & dismissed her like she was no one! Celine Dion is battling a disease & I’m sure struggled to even show up! I felt so sorry for her & the way she was treated! Somebody, please teach Ms. Taylor some manners!”

Trying to rebut that, one commenter said, “she gets one minute. She didn’t dismiss her. She accepted the award and went to the microphone like she was told to do. Geez this is some god awful projection here.” Firing back, however, someone else in the anti-Taylor camp said, “girl she acknowledged everyone else on stage but her. She just grabbed the award and did her speech …

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