The most important 5 miracles performed by the son of God, Jesus Christ

It helps to think of Jesus’ miracles whenever we feel discouraged, because they remind us that nothing is impossible for God and that we can trust him to help us no matter how difficult our problem may seem.

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The Bible is full of stories about the miracles of Jesus. There are many accounts of Jesus doing amazing deeds. Here are five of his most important miracles and how they can help us have hope in our daily lives.

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In the feeding of the 5000, men, women and children followed Jesus to listen to the Word of God. Christ’s disciples wanted to send the people home when evening came, because they were in a place that was far from the cities and they could all starve. Instead of sending people home, Jesus multiplied “five loaves and two fish” and fed everyone.

The feeding of the multitude teaches us that God is faithful in providing for His children. We must look beyond our earthly resources and limitations. Trust that He can meet all our needs. Jesus not only gave his people physical food, but also fed their souls and spirits.

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