Rod Stewart melts hearts inviting 94-yr-old sister on stage for moving performance of ‘Sailing’

So, when you go to one of his shows, expect electrifying performances and some surprises here and there.

He recently concluded his UK Tour in Edinburgh with a sweet surprise.

Rod Stewart sang his hits like “Addicted to Love,” “First Cut is the Deepest,” “Maggie May,” “Have I Told You Lately?,” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

All his songs had the crowd grooving all night, but they weren’t prepared for what was about to happen near the end of his show.

Rod Stewart sang another of his greatest hits, “Sailing,” and his 94-year-old sister joined him on stage.

He was donning his sparkling black-and-white striped shirt when his sister Mary approached him and placed a sailor’s hat on him.

Of course, it’s a sailor’s hat to fit the performance!

“This is my sister! 94!” he proudly exclaimed.

Mary waved to the audience, simply enjoying the moment as she joined her brother on stage.

She wrapped one arm around her brother and joined him singing the song.

It was such an adorable moment, and the fans absolutely loved it.

In an interview with The Mirror, Sir Rod admitted that that moment meant a lot to him.

“At 94, she’s on a rock’n’roll stage and loving it. She has and continues to teach me about life.”

Sir Rod Stewart hugged Mary during the interlude before the backup singers joined them.

It was such a beautiful moment to witness before he closed his show and entire tour that night.

But the two were not always this close.

Sir Rod was the youngest of five children with two older brothers and sisters.

His sister, Peggy, passed away when she was only 40, while his two brothers passed away late last year, only two months apart.

This tragic loss in their family brought Mary and Rod closer than ever.

Losing his “best mates” was hard on Sir Rod, but he had Mary to help him push forward and carry on.

He was vocal about how his family was his strong support system when he started his career, and he still has Mary by his side to support him in his career.

This is despite the concern that his children have over his health.

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