Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the Great Singer Reba McEntire and her Family

Honoring the Lives Lost: Reba McEntire’s Tragic Plane Crash
It has been 32 years since a devastating plane crash forever changed the life of country music icon Reba McEntire. On March 16, 1991, this tragic incident claimed the lives of eight beloved members of her music family, including bandmates and crew who were not only talented musicians but also close friends.

During a flight from San Diego to Indiana, tragedy struck when a wing of the plane struck a large rock on Otay Mountain. While most of the crew went on an outing, Reba had stayed back at the hotel with her husband Narvel and her stylist due to feeling unwell.

It was during this outing that Paula Kaye Evans, Terry Jackson, Chris Austin, Joey Cigainero, and Jim Hammon, the tour manager, lost their lives.

In a heartfelt tribute video posted on Instagram, Reba McEntire expressed her realization of the indelible mark left by these individuals on the music industry.

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