Go Woke, Go Broke: NFL Team Plays In Nearly Empty Stadium Despite Tickets Selling For Less Than $1

If there’s one thing that the National Football League became known for in the Trump years and years of furor after the death of George Floyd, it’s using the spectacle of the games to push leftist talking points and wokeness on fans just trying to watch some football.

From “end racism” helmet stickers and end zone messages to players kneeling for the anthem and not facing any retribution from their teams, the NFL turned off many political people and conservatives who just wanted to watch a game while having fun with their friends, a problem with which it has been contending now that most of the impetus for that woke push has worn off.

Most recently, a lack of interest in the NFL could be seen in the recent game between the Charlotte-based Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons. During that game, played at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, the stands were nearly empty despite ticket prices catering to under a dollar, in some cases as low as $0.45, in the run-up to the game.

Front Office Sports, tweeting an image of the nearly-empty Carolina Panthers stadium, captioned it by saying, “Depending on where you look, get-in ticket prices for today’s Carolina Panthers’ game ranged from about $0.45 to $5.”

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