Inside The View hosts’ luxurious Christmas breaks from Ana Navarro’s Miami paradise to Whoopi Goldberg’s Italian getaway

They are documenting on social media how they will spend the holidays.The View aired its holiday show on December 15.

This meant that the talk show began to air reruns starting on December 18.

And there will be repeat episodes on every weekday from then until January 2.

This angered some fans as they thought that the hosts get enough time off.Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah Griffin will all be back in the new year.

But, for now they are spending time with their loved ones over the Christmas holidays.

Find out what the hosts have been up to.

Before the hosts went home for the holidays, they got lit at work.

Sunny threw a holiday party for the hosts in her dressing room.

Sara, Alyssa, and Sunny all wore dresses while dancing in their dressing room in a recent video.

“Ladies get lit, the holiday edition!” the video was captioned.

Sunny held a glass of champagne while wearing an elf feet headband on her head.

Sara and Alyssa wore festive glasses as they danced on the couch.

Sara then did the worm as Sunny encouraged her.

A cardboard cut out of Whoopi stood in the room as well.

Part-time host Ana is spending time in Miami, Florida, with her family and husband.

On Sunday, the 51-year-old shared a photo of herself in pajamas that had pictures of her dog on it while cooking in her kitchen.

“Haven’t even gotten out of my pajamas today. It’s been a minute since I’ve been in the kitchen, but today, we are making it happen (with a lot of help),” she captioned the post.

“After days and days of pouring rain, the Sun is out and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas thanks to my friends at @avantgardensmia. Today, Rick humored my @amazon addiction and making all the stuff I bought look good.”

Ana had her hair down and glasses on as she looked at a cookbook.

She then shared a video of people setting up the table on her porch with a Christmas theme, complete with a red table cloth, gold plates, and poinsettias.

Her dog, Cha Cha, watched the setup as she laid on the couch.

Ana then later shared another video of her in her pajamas as she shared two of her favorite recipes with her followers.

On Monday, Ana shared a photo of her and her husband, Al Cardenas, to Instagram.

They smiled for a photo while they were out to dinner.”We had a great time pre-gaming Christmas and celebrating a bunch of Capricorns -including Al & me,” Ana captioned the post.

Ana’s birthday is December 28.

“Thank you so very much to my friends at @smokehousemiami for making the great food. They make everything easy and delicious,” she went on.

“Pro-tip: when entertaining lots of little ones, it’s always good to have something you know they like. In addition to the ‘adult’ food, we served chicken tenders and mac-n-cheese. It’s always popular.”

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