Seven Years After Taking a Knee, $20,000,000 Earning Colin Kaepernick Encounters Biography Controversy

Colin Kaepernick is a champion of social change. But his social activism often sparks controversy, just like the recent ‘biography controversy’. But much before that, it was his kneeling protest during the national anthem that created a major stir. Taking a knee during the national anthem as a sign of protest brought his NFL career to a sudden halt. Now, seven years later, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is eager to make an NFL comeback, patiently waiting for an opportunity.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick built a reputation through his philanthropic endeavors and noteworthy brand endorsements. He will also be the cover athlete for the upcoming arcade-style football game, “Wild Card Football”, which releases in October. However, the $20 million star once again finds himself in the spotlight. This time, a new controversy has embroiled him, and it has attracted criticism from his detractors.

Colin Kaepernick embroiled in children’s book controversy
Colin Kaepernick’s publishing company is set to release a biography about an activist who admired figures like Osama bin Laden and Mao Zedong. The children’s book, titled ‘The Bridges Yuri Built: How Yuri Kochiyama Marched Across Movements’, chronicles her life as an activist by her great-granddaughter, Kai Naima Williams.

Kap’s publishing company posted the news on its Instagram page. It immediately stirred controversy because of names associated with the author and the book’s main character.The book’s description read: “Through imaginative writing and vibrant illustrations by Anastasia Magloire Williams, THE BRIDGES YURI BUILT is sure to inspire young readers to embrace Yuri’s unwavering belief that together we can build a bridge to a better world.”

The outcome of this new controversy remains uncertain. But for the NFL quarterback, controversy has been a recurring theme, one of which derailed his NFL career.

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