Bob Barker’s shock funeral request revealed after TV host dies aged 99 – and the rumors are true

The world of entertainment was in mourning this weekend after the passing of the great Bob Barker aged 99.

The legendary TV host’s death was confirmed on Saturday, with TMZ reporting that he had died of natural causes.

According to new reports, Barker will not have a funeral. Neither will there be any kind of memorial service, as is usually commonplace after the death of such a high-profile figure.Born in 1923, Barker moved to California in 1950 to pursue a career in broadcasting. He later hosted various game shows, as well as the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants between 1967 and 1987.

It was in 1982, however, that the Washington-born host got his big break through The Price is Right.

Making a return to television – its predecessor’s run had ended in 1963 – The Price is Right proved a massive hit, propelling Barker to fame in the US.Barker would remain host of the celebrated show, which became one of the longest-running game shows in TV history, until 2007. After departing the role, the much-loved TV personality preferred to keep himself out of the spotlight, though he did return for several appearances before his definitive retirement in 2015.

Needless to say, Barker’s passing prompted and outpour of tributes from fans around the world.

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