WATCH: Christian Singer Releases Powerful “Christmas Feels Different This Year” Song By Will TannerDecember 6, 2023

Though it’s now past Thanksgiving and getting into December, meaning Advent has started, many people around the country are having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit and holiday. Whether because of straightened economic circumstances, uncertainty at work, the continuing malaise of the Biden days, or personal reasons, many just aren’t feeling ready for Christmas and the general spirit that accompanies it.

Christian singer, songwriter, and pop artist Sarah Reeves just released a very personal and very good new song, “Christmas Feels Different This Year,” which is about how tragic life events can make the holiday feel different and bring sadness and melancholy rather than joy.It is one of four Christmas songs Reeve is releasing.

Speaking about the song and why Christmas feels different, Reeves said, “The Christmas after my divorce, I remember feeling sad, lonely and honestly ready for it to be over. I love Christmas and the holidays, but I know for many it brings up the loss we’ve experienced. Even though this is not a typical happy Christmas song, I hope it reminds you that you aren’t alone this year. It can still be beautiful and magical.”

“Colored lights on the tree / Hear the sleigh bells they’re ringing / Sugarplums in our dreams / Children’s choirs are singing,” the song goes. “I should cherish the noise / I should feel the joy / But here I am holding back tears / ‘Cause Christmas feels different this year,” it adds.

“There’s a few empty chairs / And a couple less presents / And the snow in the air / Is starting to lose its magic / I’ll put on a dress / And I’ll do my best / But I think I’m all out of cheer / ‘Cause Christmas feels different this year,” Reeves goes on to sing.

Watch the music video for the song, which features Reeves walking around her house alone and putting up the typical Christmas decorations, also alone, while singing the song, here:

Posting on X (formerly Twitter) on which the song came out, Reeves said, “My Christmas album “More the Merrier” Deluxe Edition is out now everywhere!!! This is my favorite project I’ve ever done. I hope it fills your home with joy this holiday season. 🎄🥰”

Though obviously a song more about personal issues and how those affect one’s feelings around the holidays, most of all Christmas and the Christmas season, the message of the song struck home with many conservatives who think that things are going poorly under Biden and are now bad enough that the malaise has permeated the Christmas season.

The Western Journal, summarizing that viewpoint, said, “For conservatives especially, it is no longer a wonderful life living in the United States. Plenty wish we would wake up on Christmas morning to find a new president and governing party sitting under the Christmas tree. It’s difficult to focus on the joys of Christmas when every moment leading up to it is spinning out of control, fast tracking us to oblivion. Or so it feels anyway.”

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