NFL Player Takes Knee, Prays For Injured Opponent On The Field (Watch)

A heartwarming scene took place during the fiery heat of competition in the NFL game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals when star quarterback Trevor Lawrence went to the ground, grabbing at his ankle in pain. As many players looked on and worried about the heath of the young QB, Bengals player Trey Hendrickson stepped in to help.

Though the two were wearing different uniforms as members of opposing teams, Hendrickson helped Lawrence back to his feet before the quarterback once again felt pain in his ankle and returned to the ground. Hendrickson was so distraught from the scene, that he went even further to help the opponent’s star player.

Hendrickson removed his helmet and took a knee before beginning to pray for the health and safety of Lawrence on live television. Now, his sportsmanship is being lauded as impressive all across the internet with commentators from sports companies all across the country hailing him as a great competitor.

The Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, one of the biggest shows in sports, Tweeted the video of the play along with a caption hailing Hendrickson as a good man. They wrote, “Trey Hendrickson is a good dude. He tried to help Trevor Lawrence up and then when he realized he was hurt he got on a knee and prayed for him. Pretty cool moment.”

Graham Allen wrote, “Trevor Lawrence was hurt last night, and despite being on opposite teams, Bengals DE Trey Hendrickson helped him up, but Trevor would collapse again. Trey would immediately drop to his knees and begin to pray for Trevor. God always has a plan.”

Trevor Lawrence was asked about the injury after the game and had this to say about the pain he was feeling. He added that prayers from fans helped his recovery noticeably. “I feel a lot better than I would’ve thought I’d feel. I’m very fortunate.” He also continued on, addressing the thoughts and prayers that fans sent his way after the game.

He continued, “I’m thankful that it wasn’t a worse injury what I kind of thought it was on the field. I’m just thankful and I appreciate all the people, the thoughts and prayers. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious. That stuff means a lot and it worked. I’m feeling good, so I’m thankful for that.”

When asked about how soon he may return, Lawrence explained that focus should be on the team instead of just one player, saying, “The team’s always the priority. We had obviously the same conversations before the New Orleans game earlier in the season. I’ll never put myself or the team in a position to where we’re at a higher risk or we’re not going to play our best because I’m not able to do my job.”

He finished, “Those are all questions you have to answer throughout the course of the week. For me, it’s just doing everything I can every second of the day to get back as soon as possible, whenever that is. That’s the whole thought process behind everything.”

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