She was 32 years old and many thought she was a good driver. There was no reason to suspect anything, but on that horrible day, a terrible incident happened!

Courtney Ann Sanford, at 32 years of age, was known to many as an adept driver. There was nothing that raised eyebrows about her driving skills until one fateful day that ended in a dreadful incident.

The Fateful Journey
During a routine drive, Sanford tuned into her favorite song, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” on the radio. She was in high spirits and her love for the song was evident. Overwhelmed by joy, she decided to capture the moment with a selfie, which she posted on Facebook without giving it a second thought. Alongside the picture, she captioned, “This song makes me happy!”

The Terrible Consequence
This seemingly innocent act proved fatal. Her posted selfie would be her last action. Unfortunately, Sanford fell into a common trap many drivers do— she didn’t stop her vehicle while using her phone. Engrossed in her phone, she did not realize that these were her final moments.

Sanford’s vehicle crashed into a truck. Despite the relatively modest speed of 60 km/h, the collision thrust her vehicle off the road and into a ditch, before it collided with a roadside tree. In the aftermath of the accident, Sanford was trapped inside the burning car. Unable to escape, she succumbed to the flames, leaving her family in deep grief.

The Heartbreaking Discovery
After informing the family of the tragic incident, the police disclosed that Sanford had posted on Facebook just before the accident. The law enforcement officers who examined her phone, found at the scene of the accident, revealed that she had made a post on Facebook a minute before the catastrophe.

“We were called to the scene immediately at 8:34. The post had been made at 8:33,” the police stated.

This heart-rending incident serves as a sobering reminder of the fatal consequences of distracted driving. As technology becomes increasingly integral to our lives, it is crucial to remember the importance of focusing on the road while driving. A moment’s distraction can have irreversible consequences, as illustrated by this tragic event.

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