Girl Hits Male Classmate — Her Mom Is Threatening To Press Charges

A mother was called to the school after her daughter hit a male classmate in the face, giving him a bloody nose. However, as soon as the mom saw the boy’s blood-covered face, she gave a brilliant response that quickly went viral.

No matter how well a school is run, stuffing dozens of children into a classroom will inevitably result in some sort of conflict. Of course, this is exactly why educators are trained to handle issues between students, especially when it comes to physical contactWhen a mother received a phone call from the school, she was informed that her 15-year-old daughter struck another student, resulting in injury. However, after rushing to the principal’s office to reprimand her child, she quickly discovered that the scene hadn’t quite played out as she had initially been told.
During a particularly busy shift at the hospital, a nurse was notified that her child’s school had called and insisted that she respond to an “incident” involving her daughter, which was originally documented on Not Always Right. Despite the fact that it was impossible for her to leave the hospital to take the call, the school administrator was indignant over having to wait for her to respond.

Mother: “Is she ill or injured? Can it wait until my shift is over in two hours?”

Administrator: “[Daughter] has struck another pupil. We’ve been trying to call you for 45 minutes. It really is very serious.”

Upon the school’s insistence, the mother rushed to the principal’s office to see her daughter, her daughter’s teacher, counselor, principal, and the boy with his parents. Just as the administrator had said, the boy had been hit by her daughter, leaving his nose bloodied and his face red.

Principal: “Mrs. [My Name], how kind of you to FINALLY join us!”

Mother: “I’ve spent the last hour administering over 40 stitches to a seven-year-old who was beaten by his mother with a metal ladle and then I had to deal with the police regarding the matter. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

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